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Secure Retirement Advisors LLC

Secure Retirement Advisors LLC

Owner & CEO

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At Secure Retirement Advisors LLC, we are focused on helping our clients reach their retirement goals.  For the great majority of our clients, that means having enough income to meet 100% of their need expenses and a good chunk of their want expenses.

Our clients are typically age 60+ -- many are widows or divorcees.  They do not typically have the interest, motivation or expertise to plan and implement a successful retirement by “doing it yourself.” 

They readily accept the advantage of ongoing professional advice and service!

For our part, we are happy to have a generic conversation about our background, experience, knowledge and financial planning philosophy.  We believe that it is important for a potential new client to “kick the tires” before deciding to go through the process of receiving a Written Second Opinion.

That Written Second Opinion is yours to keep without cost or obligation.  But similar to a doctor who won’t prescribe before a diagnosis, we need to understand your complete situation – goals – facts – values – and all relevant documents – before we provide you with our preliminary analysis and recommendations.