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Coronavirus: Preparedness not Panic

| March 06, 2020

A common sense approach might serve you and your Loved Ones during this time, even if honest differences will occur of our individual opinions about exactly what is common sense. Most of us now get information from multiple sources with varying degrees of reliability and authenticity. Attached and linked below are some items that I feel might be useful and have high reliability.

Margin of Safety is a concept some readers might already be familiar with. It can be applied to investing, and also to health and personal safety. Cleaning all surfaces of your cell phone makes sense to me. While I've already been doing it intermittently, one recommendation I read suggested multiple times daily. At least once I think would be good.

During a previous flu outbreak, someone mentioned the unfortunate statistic about lack of handwashing in restrooms. So if you do wash your hands, then you might consider using a paper towel to shut off the water and open the door. This might go a bit far for some people, but it is a conservative approach.

Hand sanitizer in a portable bottle as well as wipes will, I figure we all hope, re-appear on store shelves. If you are out and about, especially during a work day and go out to a meal, it's difficult to keep track of what doors etc you may have touched when. So when you sit down to eat, unless you automatically go wash your hands first, that might be a good time to use that hand sanitizer and / or wipes.

From an investment, retirement or broad financial perspective, my crystal ball is inevitably cloudy. My Feb. 26, 2020 Blog Post linked below is a brief summary about diversification. "Markets Tend To Fluctuate" goes the keen grasp of the obvious. And overreact. A useful diversification is typically not something that needs to be summarily or frequently changed. Rebalanced - perhaps. But if recent events have made you very uncomfortable, your diversification might need to be realigned.

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