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Diversification means everything is not all moving in the same direction at the same time

| February 26, 2020




Real Estate

Guaranteed (joint) lifetime income






1. Upside potential

2. Ease of use.

3. Understandable

4. Liquid at market value every business day

Return of principal at maturity by issuer

Interest paid typically 2X annually.

Interest rate typically known before you buy

Liquid every business day

Guaranteed against nominal loss

Liquid every business day

No US market value fluctuation

Income potential

Appreciation potential

Facts available (previous sale price, legal recording, measurements etc.)

Guaranteed (by issuer) (joint) lifetime cash flow as long as one is alive.

Potential & sometimes guaranteed growth before starting income






Potential loss of principal

Market value fluctuates frequently

Less potential upside than stocks

Market value fluctuates before maturity

No US upside potential

Opportunity loss

Typically purchasing power loss to inflation


Uncertain valuation

Ongoing expenses – taxes, maintenance etc.


Capital might be available only by reducing future income

Estate planning complexity

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