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Do you have an “Orphan 401(k)?

| April 23, 2013

The Lead Comment

Do you have an “Orphan 401(k)?” One of the articles below mentions that some folks can get “kicked out” of a 401(k) from a former employer. Even if your 401 (k) from a previous employer is stable – i.e. you can’t be arbitrarily kicked out, you have choices!! Does it make sense to leave it there . . . maybe! Does it make sense to “roll it over” to your own IRA . . . maybe!

Seek professional help to understand your choices, as well as the Advantages & Disadvantages of each choice!

The How-To Articles

Rx for Health Care Costs in Retirement . . . . CNBC (

Union-Employer Proposal Would Hit Some Retirees . . . . Wall St Journal (

Kicked Out of Your 401(k)? Don't Let the Cash Sit . . . . Wall St Journal (

The Finance – Economic – Political Articles

Needed: A Tax Reform That Offends All Special Interests . . . . . (

Will Baby Boomers Drag Down Growth? . . . . Wall St Journal (

Other Reads

The End of Stanford? . . . . New Yorker (
“The school now looks like a giant tech incubator with a football team.”

Ivies, Stanford, MIT post record-low admit rates . . . . (
“Yale accepted a record-low of 6.72 percent of its 29,610 applicant pool, and Harvard — the only Ivy more selective than Yale this year — saw its acceptance rate plummet down to a mere 5.79 percent. . . . . Over on the opposite coast, Stanford announced today that it accepted only 5.69 percent of its applicants — 2,210 students from a pool of 38,828 applications.”

My Comments & Opinions: 
I’m a big fan of “regulated” free markets where there is “real” competition as opposed to an oligopoly, like the 4-6 largest US banks. Popularity, of course, doesn’t automatically mean quality, but I have to think that Stanford is doing something right. Although the Yale Daily article didn’t explicitly say so, note that Stanford’s “admit rate” of 5.69% was the lowest. I.e. for the Class of 2017, Stanford was the most competitive school in the U.S. to get into – more competitive than any of the Ivies. Let the competition continue!

America’s Health (Dis)Advantages . . . (