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Federal Pre-Retirees & Retirees: Get a Complimentary Consultation

| December 25, 2015
Federal Retirement - Consultation - TSP

At or near Federal retirement?  Get a complimentary consultation without having to educate someone unfamiliar with the Federal system

If you are a Federal employee eligible (or nearly eligible) for retirement, you have already made some decisions ... or you will soon.  Some of these decisions are One And Done.  Some are timely.  Others you can take some more time … maybe even get a Do-Over.

I work with a number of Federal Employees, So I will provide you with a complimentary consultation. 

Some medical doctors ... including some Fed MD’s … might not care for the following comparison … but I think it might be valid.  If you go to the doctor with a question or complaint, that MD might:
1. Ask you questions
2. Do an analysis
3. Order some diagnostic tests.  
So might I.

You (and your spouse, if married) may provide me the relevant documents and discuss your situation with me.  I will review this data & our conversation, then plug it into one or more analytical tools and / or organizers. 

Then we can have a Consultation.

There is no charge or obligation for any work mentioned above … the data-gathering … my analytical / organizational work … or the consultation itself.  Once we have that consultation, I hope you will feel that you can make a well-informed decision about whether or not to continue to work with me. 

FYI:  This consultation will be over the phone / Face Time / Skype … i.e. not an “in office” meeting.  So there are no geographical limitations! 

Why Do I Offer a complimentary no-obligation consultation?

  1. Facing retirement decisions can be emotionally daunting. Conceptually and rationally, it might make sense to you to work with a Financial Professional.  But doing so is potentially confusing.

  2. Also, to put it bluntly, a lot of people who hold one or more licenses might simply be selling one or more solutions before they understand your complete situation.

  3. The non-obligatory, complimentary nature of my consultation enables me to demonstrate some knowledge and expertise about the Federal world.  And it enables you to take a "test drive" before making any financial changes or commitments.

  4. And, even in this initial consultation, you might gain some beneficial ideas … even if you do not continue to work with me.

  5. So I lower the risk of possibly beginning a new professional relationship with me.

Please email or call with your questions or request your consultation.