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Financial Information "Cheat Sheet" aka "Show Me The Money!"

| March 26, 2021

Admittedly annoying .... but the alternative is worse

Those of us who have been through the death or an incapacity of another person, be they client and / or personal or family know that there is - nearly always - a mess. The question becomes, how big is the mess?

In a future post, please watch for what documents are useful. For this post, please use the below as a guideline. If you can think of additional information to gather, by all means do so!

In our "old" world, if someone dies or became incapacitated, you could watch the US Mail and sooner or later get a good handle on things. These days, you need the digital info too. Critical if the person is choosing not to receive paper statements.

Financial Information "Cheat Sheet"

Asset Description


Custodian Name

Account Number

Custodian Phone

Custodian info email address

Custodian Mailing + Street addresses


Website password

Paper Statements being sent

Digital Statements available / being sent

Prior statements paper / digital available

ACH / Routing number / Wiring instructions

Representative Name

Representative Phone / extension

Representative email