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Help Maximizing Retirement Accounts

| June 24, 2013

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​Recently I wrote something about “paying twice” ( which I encourage careful readers to revisit. There are now “national” services that will – for a fee—provide “guidance” of some type for your 401(k) plan and other similar accounts. Two specific services are mentioned in the Wall St. Journal article referenced directly below.

I mention “paying twice” because – one way or another – these services are not free. The participant will pay. In general, I won’t necessarily disagree with a participant paying for advice. I’m in the “paying for advice” business. But please keep in mind with these types of services, what you are getting – very likely – is an algorithm.

If your 401(k) or similar plan is critical to your achieving your retirement goals, at least talk to a Financial Professional who could show you what customized advice for you would look like – as opposed to simply an algorithm.

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