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Learn Your ABC’s Before Hiring a Financial Advisor

| June 13, 2013

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Full Disclosure: As long-time readers know, I am a Certified Financial Planner Professional.

For the purpose of this comment, I am not promoting one designation over another. But I do feel it is a very good idea to actually read the article linked below. The other critical issue is to try to determine – before you make any change or financial commitment – what your goals are – and what sort of professional help you desire to reach them.

The “Million Dollar Illusion” article in The New York Times describes a sad but critically important situation for many. The person (or couple) who has nothing knows that they have nothing . . . and . . . hopefully . . . behave accordingly! The people who are fortunate enough to have a million dollars might, on the other hand, be less than perfectly accurate or honest with themselves about just exactly what lifestyle that million dollars (along with their other resources) will provide them in retirement.

As I have said before, consult a financial professional to best understand your situation!!

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Truly and uplifting story.

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