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Mean Reversions In Bull and Bear Markets

| March 24, 2013

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The Real Spending Problem . . . . New York Times

It’s Lose-Lose vs. Win-Win-Win-Win . . . . New York Times

My Comment& Opinion

These 1st two quotes are from the Tom Friedman article.

“ . . . our entire political system is guilty of the “soft bigotry of low expectations” for ourselves.”

“But a carbon tax that could close the deficit and clean the air, weaken petro-dictators, strengthen the dollar, drive clean-tech innovation and still leave some money to lower corporate and income taxes is off the table.”

The next quote is from “The Real Spending Problem” editorial:

“Each year the government doles out tax breaks worth $1.1 trillion.  That is more than the cost of Medicare and Medicaid combined.  It is more than Social Security.”

I have commented – perhaps even railed – at the need for an economic “level playing field.”  The 100% purest form would be if there were no tax breaks.  None.  Note that if there were no tax breaks, we would “solve” our deficit & debt problem – immediately – of course, if such a “fix” didn’t affect the real economy – which, of course, it would!  Economists call that “holding other things else constant.”  (ceteris paribus.) ( )

With all that said, I still feel both these approaches have merit.  All tax laws distort a “pure” free market economy to some extent.  Therefore, it seems to me that those distortions should clearly – overwhelmingly – be in the best interest of our nation in total – not simply in the best interest of a small group of people, industry, or other small group.


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