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Middle-class folk need to stop spending like they are rich -

| April 08, 2013

The Lead Comment

Once upon a time, as the saying goes, people “typically” worked until they died.  Or got too sick to work – at which point, they did not “typically” live much longer and were cared for by family members.  The concept of a pleasurable (and now often lengthy) retirement has arisen in our society much more recently in our history.

As a result, it is arguable or questionable that our national (and also international, for that matter) institutions and culture(s) have caught up with the need to provide for ones “golden years” effectively.

In the “How-To” articles below, there are a couple of relatively basic points.  If you are not yet able to retire – today – then – you need to be saving money for your retirement!  Pretty basic.  If a portion – even a big portion – of your retirement savings is invested in investments that have substantial loss potential, then you at least need to be aware of that loss potential . . . and . . . . come up with one or more strategies for dealing with it.  Once choice would be to go here.

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