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Most Human Males Never Retired (they just died)

| May 30, 2013

The Lead Comment

For those wanting to improve the financial security of their retirement, the below “How-To” section features 3 very different topics. The 31 Steps article can, in theory, be printed out. However, the real power of that particular article is that each of the 31 steps have additional links, including “Why It Matters” and Related Links. I encourage readers to go to this article and explore which of the 31 points apply to their specific situation – probably not all 31!

The How-To Articles

Sell Some Stock If Retirement Is Near . . . . Wall St Journal

My Comments & Opinions

Long-time clients have sometimes heard me say, “You’re rounding third, so you don’t have to hit a home run. Just don’t get thrown out at the plate.” The enclosed article is one implementation of that thought process. Since this note is aimed at a wide audience, I obviously don’t know your personal risk tolerance or circumstances. If the stock (equity) portion of your retirement nest egg is doing well and you are nearing retirement, it is important to gain a very clear understanding of your numbers and how much risk you need to take going forward. If you are part of the fortunate group that can “afford” to “dial down” the amount of risk you are taking, then it turns out to be good advice to “sell some stock,” as the title of the article says, as you approach retirement day.

As always consult your own financial professional!

A Couple Compromises on Retirement Goals . . . . Wall St Journal

My Comments & Opinions

This article highlights one of a number of critical issues facing couples preparing for retirement. When to retire. Whether or not to change jobs before retiring. Where to retire. What budget compromises to make. These are not simplistic or easy questions for one person. When you are making retirement decisions as a couple, there is clearly a lot more complexity!

Get the facts! You’ll notice in the article that a meeting with a financial professional produced, among other things, the desire to gather some additional information. I is often true that you are forced, as they said back in “MBA school,” to do some “decision-making under uncertainty. But there is no reason to compound your stress – not to mention maybe your risk – by not first gathering all the facts available to you.

Other Reads

Pentagon Study Finds Sharp Rise in Military Sexual Assaults . . . . . New York Times

The Finance - Economic - Political Articles

New York State Investigating Pension-Advance Firms . . . . . New York Times

My Comments & Opinions

Most long-time readers know that I am mostly supportive of free-market economics – with appropriate regulation. The changeover from defined benefit plans (aka “pension”) to defined contribution plans [ka “401(k,) – 403(b)] will, in my opinion, prove to be a disastrous sea change for the American Middle Class. That’s the subject of another note. But now in the category – again in my opinion – of really, really bad ideas comes this concept of “selling” your pension for a lump sum.

Again – this time, please – please consult your financial professional!!

PS: And – spouses – do NOT let your spouse act on this topic alone!

Most Human Males Never Retired (they just died) . . . . . Big Picture

Source: The Motley Fool

“The entire concept of retirement is unique to the late-20th century. Before World War II, most Americans worked until they died.”

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