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Phone conversation-no charge-no obligation-for a potentially interested client

| December 07, 2017

Why do I have two phone calls and a verbal document review at no cost or obligation?

I follow the Fiduciary Standard - work only in clients' best interests.  Means I can not properly begin a Fiduciary-level client relationship until I understand how my work might benefit your specific situation.  I can only begin my understanding by speaking with you (both spouses if married) about your values & goals and reviewing your documents.  Otherwise, it's not a Fiduciary-level financial planning process.

Why don't I do a free written second opinion?  

Answer: It's important to be cost-effective as well as financially transparent and sustainable.

The following is my professional opinion.  Other financial professionals might also use the Fiduciary Standard and operate differently.  A "no-cost no-obligation" written second opinion might - or might not - be a template, model, algorithm or boilerplate. Which might take little time or expertise to prepare.  A fiduciary-level review of your documents and facts done by a  CFP® (Certified Financial PlannerTM Practitioner) or other competent financial planning professional takes time, effort and attention.  If not paid for separately, then the cost might be "bundled" - transparently or not - with other services that could - might - end up overcharging you from the perspective of a competitive marketplace. 

Why don't I require clients to give me 100% of the assets?  

Short Answer: It might not be only in clients' best' interests (Fiduciary Standard) to do so.

If something is already working properly - maybe even a "Best Practice," from both my professional opinion and the clients' views, that means I can not make a significant improvement.  If I can't make a significant improvement, then the transition / "friction" of a change might not be in the clients' best interests - not fiduciary 

But I do require 100% of the documents because otherwise it's not a fiduciary process.

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