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The Power of the Human Spirit: The World Is Not Ending

| March 20, 2020

During The Blitz - the bombing of London during World War II, "The British government had set up psychiatric hospitals outside of the city in preparation for the toll these bombings would take on their citizens."

They sat empty

The link below speculates why this was the case. I have my own opinion. It's not that dissimilar from other kinds of heroism .... First Responders - 9/11 or everyday events around the world .... combat heroism when one hero risk her / his life for another. Other examples abound. When given the opportunity, the Power of the Human Spirit enables us to achieve great and difficult things. It will happen again.

People Helping People

On a timelier note, I loved these pictures of our fellow humans helping others in our collective time of need.


Moving quickly to a somewhat related point, while trying to veer away from the blatantly / one-sided political opinion or view, the authors of The Atlantic article linked below feel they see a path forward to success. "Mitigation" is what they call it. I encourage you to read how they feel we can beat coronavirus.

When we see these 7 signs, then we might have turned the corner

And .... also ... here is how we might recognize that we might have turned the corner:

  1. A vaccine is announced.

  2. A cure is announced.

  3. A treatment that can stem the effects is announced.

  4. We find out millions of people have it. Strangely, this would be incredibly reassuring, because it would mean that far more people were infected than first realized. This, in turn, would mean many who are infected don’t get sick, which obviously means a far smaller percentage of those who are infected are dying. If we find the mortality rate is 0.2, for example, the markets could react very positively.

  5. The virus runs its course quicker than expected.

  6. The virus is seasonal.

  7. All sorts of things not listed above that slow the spread of the coronavirus or indicate that it isn’t as deadly as feared.

The Value of a Financial Plan

So while it is difficult if not close to impossible to initiate a new Financial Plan at the moment, if you feel yours is inadequate, outdated, or non-existent, Blair writes beautifully about its importance when you are ready to consider one.

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