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Top Ten "Things To Do in Isolation" Lists

| April 02, 2020

Pete The Planner 10 Things To Do

Bruce comment ...

While I have mentioned this topic before, I think it is a great time to add digital versions of important paper files.

  1. Review credit card statements
  2. Review Beneficiary Designations
  3. Freeze credit
  4. Prepare 2019 taxes
  5. Review your Credit Reports
  6. Update W-4
  7. Home inventory for property insurance
  8. Shop for lower property insurance rates
  9. Get your most recent Social Security statement
  10. Add or switch to an online savings account

Morningstar 10 Emergency Cash Sources Ranked

Bruce Comment ...

Depending on how big your emergency need is, without knowing your individual circumstances at a fiduciary level of detail, I might consider life insurance cash value to be #2, before the other items.

  1. Your own emergency fund / short term investments eg money market
  2. Low risk assets in taxable account
  3. Roth IRA contributions
  4. Life Insurance cash value
  5. 401(k) loan
  6. Home Equity Line of Credit
  7. Hardship Withdrawals
  8. Reverse mortgage
  9. Margin Loan
  10. Credit Cards

Work From Home Top 10

Bruce Comment

Many years ago I had a hard drive crash before there was cloud backup. If you are able realistically, consider backing up locally in case your hard drive crashes, and backing up in the cloud eg. if you should have a fire or a flood that would cause your local back up drive not to work.

  1. Designate a work space
  2. Optimize your work space
  3. Set a schedule & create a routine
  4. Take breaks and move
  5. Set boundaries
  6. Avoid distractions and procrastination
  7. Be prepared with backups
  8. Communicate with your team
  9. Stay social
  10. Do what works for you

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