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Unlink retirement timing and Social Security

| February 26, 2013

The Lead Comment

In talking with several people recently, I’ve come to the conclusion that Social Security benefits are poorly understood or misunderstood.  And the decisions made about these benefits – particularly in the case of people who are married or were married for at least 10 years -- even if their former spouse is remarried or deceased – are particularlymisunderstood.  The brief “How To” article below is only the tip of the iceberg.  It is critical to get the facts.  It is also clearly better to have Social Security confirm your specific future benefits for you – in writing – before you implement a decision that:

  1. Has potentially lifelong financial consequences.
  2. May not be able to be adjusted once made.

And, of course, consult a financial professional!


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My Comments & Opinions:  Breaking up the big banks was, at one time, a “far out” / radical / fringe option.  As more and more facts come to light on the sheer size of these institutions and the sometimes undue influence they have on the country, more and more “politically centrist” folks support the break-up of these banks.  In my opinion, the seeds of the next financial crisis remain in our system – and will continue to remain until these behemoths are made much smaller and therefore become somewhat less risky to our entire financial system.


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