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Retirement Income Planning

| March 02, 2016
Retirement Income Planning


Your current and prior status:

  • One Individual:  If you are one individual ... never married .,.. Retirement Income Planning is complex and important. (Unless you are already so financially comfortable that Estate Planning is your primary concern.  If so, let's talk.  But not here.)
  • Couple  (Current or former):  If you are currently part of a couple ... or even if you were married but are no longer ... Retirement Income Planning might be an order of magnitude ... 10X ... more complex ... and more important to get right!

Real Life vs. ideal planning:

As I have actually said a few times, if I were the Grand Poo-Bah of all things financial ... including the ability to legislate, some critical portions of this planning would be different.  As it stands, there are certain parts of this planning that are ... in my opinion ... unfair and morally wrong.  But it is my work to do the best I can for clients with the resources that are available ... including some of these unfair items.

Retirement Planning Questionnaire

  1. Each spouse / partner should complete a separate questionnaire
  2. For best results, please answer each item.  
  3. Answer "0" or "NA" or "none" as appropriate
  4. Please answer only for yourself ... except ...
  5. Please indicate joint property or joint guaranteed lifetime income


Your name___________________________________________

Your spouse / partner's name____________________________

Civil Status__________________________________________
(e.g. Married; Civil Union; Divorced; Widowed; Separated; Other)

Cell phone___________________________________________

Personal email________________________________________

State of legal residence_________________________________

Biggest Concerns



Work status__________________________________________
Retired; Full-time employee; Independent contractor; part-time; etc.

Earned Income_______________________________________
(from work only ... other income should be indicated elsewhere)

Retirement status______________________________________
Date retired; Future retirement date projected, etc.

Social Security $_________________Date started or projected________________

Spousal Social Security $______________ Date started or projected___________

Pension $_________________COLA_________

Actual or projected start date _________________

Spousal pension benefit: $ or %___________ Start date___________

Qualified retirement plan (e.g. 401-k) Description____________________

Current Balance $_________________ Contribution $__________________

Frequency e.g. monthly / pay period / etc.___________________________

Real Estate: Primary Residence:  Ownership_____________________
(Individual, JTWROS, Other)

Estimated current market value $_______________________________________ 

Mortgage balance owed $_____________ Monthly Payment_________________

Interest rate %______________ Pay Off Date_____________________________ 

IRA #1:  Balance $_________________  Location________________________
 e.g. Bank, Brokerage, Annuities etc.

IRA #2:  Balance $_____________________  Location________________
 e.g. Bank, Brokerage, Annuities, etc.

Investment  account #1: (non-IRA)

Balance $ _________________  Location_________________
e.g. Bank, Brokerage, Annuities, etc.

Investment  account #2: (non-IRA)

Balance $ _________________  Location_________________
e.g. Bank, Brokerage, Annuities, etc.

Cash in Banks / CDs / Money Markets:  Balances (total)$____________________

Real Estate #2: Description / Location___________________________________

(Individual, JTWROS, Other)

Estimated current value $______________ Mortgage balance owed $___________

Monthly Payment $________________Interest rate %__________

Pay Off Date_____________


Life Insurance

Is there any Life Insurance on your life? Face Amount: $_______________________

Beneficiary________________________  Owner____________________________

Cash Value $________________________ Premium Payment $_______________

Date premium payments end____________________________________________


Are you the beneficiary of any Life Insurance? Face Amount:  $_______________

Owner: _____________________ Cash Value  $_________________________

Premium Payment $_______________Date premium payments end____________


Potential future Inheritance $_________________________________________

Are you the beneficiary of any Trusts? _____Lump Sum $_________________

Income $________________________ Duration __________________________

Trustee: ___________________________________________________________


Do you / will you receive any other income streams $______________

Ending date __________Description: ________________________________
(e.g. structured settlement, lottery, etc.)